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August 2019

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Speak the truth, but keep a fast horse by the door.


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Sunday, Jul 14Android Tablets RIP (0)
It's past time to consider a nursing home and go straight to hospice.
Friday, May 24NUC Me (0)
I was so impressed, I bought two of them.
Tuesday, May 21The 5G Cellular Standard: Meh (0)
I'm not thrilled about 5G, but don't let that stop the advance of technology.
Friday, Dec 28PorchCam 2018 Year-In-Review (0)
Highlights from images snapped every 3 hours on my webcam.


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The Wambooli website is where books written by Dan Gookin (me) are promoted and supported. I wrote the original For Dummies title, DOS For Dummies, back in 1991.

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