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Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies

Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies


Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies (2014)
Click here to read certain updates and corrections to the previous edition of this book.

Blog Updates

Updates for the Android operating system, including lots of good information on your Galactic tablet, can be found on my blog. Here are some recent posts:

The Roku Media Caster
Aug 31, 2018 Frustrated with the Amazon Fire Stick, I added a Roku to my HDTV. I don't regret it. Link
The Disappearing Android Tablet
Jun 3, 2018 It had a nice run. Link
Area Code Madness!
May 22, 2018 Time to update all your contacts. All of them. Link
My Latest Course: Android Security
Apr 9, 2018 Just released! Link
Dropbox is Still the Best
Apr 2, 2018 Of all the cloud services, the one I complain about the least is Dropbox. Link
Here Comes 5G Cellular Service
Mar 29, 2018 From what I'm reading, 5G cellular service will be faster — and more. Link
Setting the Ring Time
Mar 19, 2018 Your Android phone rings for a given amount of time and then stops. That timespan is adjustable. Link
Android P Peeks Out
Mar 12, 2018 Google has unveiled its latest version of the Android Operating System, code named P. Link

For additional Android-related blog posts, click here.