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The Roku Media Caster
Aug 31, 2018 Frustrated with the Amazon Fire Stick, I added a Roku to my HDTV. I don't regret it. Link
The Disappearing Android Tablet
Jun 3, 2018 It had a nice run. Link
Area Code Madness!
May 22, 2018 Time to update all your contacts. All of them. Link
My Latest Course: Android Security
Apr 9, 2018 Just released! Link
Dropbox is Still the Best
Apr 2, 2018 Of all the cloud services, the one I complain about the least is Dropbox. Link
Here Comes 5G Cellular Service
Mar 29, 2018 From what I'm reading, 5G cellular service will be faster — and more. Link
Setting the Ring Time
Mar 19, 2018 Your Android phone rings for a given amount of time and then stops. That timespan is adjustable. Link
Android P Peeks Out
Mar 12, 2018 Google has unveiled its latest version of the Android Operating System, code named P. Link

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