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This page supports my books Microsoft Word 2016 For Dummies and Microsoft Word 2016 For Professionals For Dummies.

For support of my other Word books, click the proper link: Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, and Word 2002/2003.

Errata / Corrections

Updated April 2017.

Word 2016 For Dummies:

Page 14
The directions for bringing back the Ribbon are confusing: When the Ribbon is hidden, click on a tab (such as the Home tab) to reveal the Ribbon again. To keep the Ribbon visible, click the pin button on the far right of the Ribbon. Its location is the same as the "Hide the Ribbon" chevron, illustrated in Figure 1-3.
Page 172
The icons for the Character and Linked style types are reversed. The descriptions remain accurate.
Page 181
In the second paragraph after the heading "Updating the Normal Style," the word styles should have an apostrophe: . . . Normal style's font . . .
Page 238
The Index code in the document looks like this: {·XE·"boredom" }. In the text, you see the characters @@dms. These are layout notes not removed by the Production Department.

Latest Information & Updates

Overview of Word 2016
Here is a blog post I've written about what's new with Word 2016.
Deleting an unwanted file from the Recent Documents list
The file may be gone, but the remnants remain in the stupid Recent Documents. Yes, you can remove that bad file reference, but it's not easy. Read more...
Getting the Save All command back
Do you miss the Save All command? Here's how to get it back.

Supplemental Material

The Document Looks All Weird Trouble!
Ever open a document in Word and it looks really weird on the screen? It's a Word document, but for some reason it got trashed! What did you do? What did you do? Read about what you did.
Creating a Vinculum
I, too, didn't know what a vinculum was until a reader wrote me. I soon discovered that Word can not only do vinculums, but it can do them well — and it's a useful trick to know. Read more...
Finding Text Formatting
I talk about this in the books, but it's not really explained well enough. This tutorial should help. Read more...
12 Years of Humorous Word Images
Take a trip through memory lane and see some of the obnoxious, outrageous, and just plain funny images that I've put into my Word For Dummies book over the years. Enjoy...

Word Blog Posts

Here are the most recent posts taken from my Wambooli Blog which directly relate to Microsoft Word:

Introducing Word's Page Movement Group
Apr 24, 2017 Word 2016 has yet another update with the addition of a new way to view documents. Link
Word's Image Compression and eBook Publishing
Feb 27, 2017 Unless directed otherwise, Word automatically compresses images you insert into a document. Link
Word's New Icon Graphics
Jan 12, 2017 Another Word 2016 update allows you to insert monochrome icons into your text. Link
Word 2016 Update: Right-Click Spell Check
Jan 10, 2017 I was afraid that they'd sneak in some incremental updates between book releases. And they did! Link
Section Break Mass Slaughter
Dec 8, 2016 How to instantly remove all the section breaks from your document. Link
Messing with Your Work Window
Oct 27, 2016 How do you like to set Microsoft Word on the screen? Link
Multiple Pages on a Single Sheet
Oct 13, 2016 It's one of those weird things that Word can do, but which isn't that obvious unless you know the trick. Link
Finally! A New Title
Aug 23, 2016 Please welcome my latest word processing title into the fold. Link

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