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Video Files
You can find the video files reference in the All-In-One book by clicking the link below:
Change the UAC Beep to a Burp
Here is a link to the burp.wav file I mentioned. Right-click on the link and choose Save Target As from the shortcut menu. Save it in the Music folder on your PC's hard drive.
What's the Administrator's Password?
If you're the only one using your XP system, then you may be surprised to find a secret Administrator account exists when you boot into Safe Mode. Don't fret! The password for this account is blank (not set). Just don't type in anything when asked for the account's password. But do be aware that all versions of XP have this Administrator account, specifically for troubleshooting in Safe Mode.

Supplemental Material

Windows 7 and Restore Point Issues
There is an issue with Windows 7 where restarting your PC can delete all the restore points. There is a solution available on Microsoft's answers web site, though it's quite technical.
The Strange Saga of Figure 7-8
What happens when lawyers and authors mix? Crap! That's what happens. An explanation of this book's most bizarre figure. Read more . . .
Removing Mystery Programs
Occasionally weird and unknown programs show up in the Close Program window. What are they? Can you get rid of them? Read more . . .
More Dirt on the Recent Documents List
Here is some additional information on the Recent Documents List, which was cut from the book. It's not truly necessary information; just interesting trivia. Read more . . .

Troubleshooting Blog Posts

Here are some posts taken from my Wambooli Blog which relate to troubleshooting your PC:

Windows 10.1 Finally Shows Up
Apr 17, 2017 Dubbed the "Creator's Edition," Windows 10.1 offers new features, though good luck finding them. Link
The Downside of the SSD
Apr 6, 2017 They're faster than traditional hard drives, and getting less expensive, but the SSD has its limitations. Link
Power Supply Goes Pop!
Feb 23, 2017 When it comes to death, power supplies are anything but subtle. Link
The Keyboard Adores USB 2.0
Feb 7, 2017 Is your keyboard screwing up? Check the USB connection. Link
Safe Mode Hell
Jan 26, 2017 The PC wouldn't let me log into Safe Mode, so I was stuck. Link
System Restore to the Rescue - Maybe
Jan 17, 2017 System Restore is a great tool, but it works best only when its turned on. Link
Replacing the Graphics Card
Jul 26, 2016 Swapping out an old, troublesome graphics adapter for a new, less-troublesome model. Link
Replacing a Power Supply
Jul 21, 2016 Out with the old, in with the new, and then back again. Link
Too Darn Hot!
Jul 19, 2016 The PC keeps restarting. Link
CryptoLocker (Again)
Jun 15, 2016 The viral scourge is hitting again, and CryptoLocker is proving to be a long-term success for the Bad Guys. Link

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