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Errata / Corrections

12th Edition, Page 176
In the section "Updating and upgrading," the third paragraph, third sentence should read:

On the other hand, upgrades are necessary only when you desperately need the new features or modifications, or when the upgrade addresses security issues.

Windows 7 Edition, Page 115
In Step 4, the command should be Eject, not Safely Remove. Apparently the menu changed between the pre-release version I used to write the book and the final release.
Internet Explorer History List Pruning
In the book I explain how to disable the History List. Alas, Internet Explorer still keeps "today's" visited pages in the list. So despite all the well-wishing, following the steps in the book does not utterly reset the history list to zero. Don't blame me! That's how Microsoft designed it.

Supplemental Material

Generating Accented Characters
Keyboard shortcuts for accented characters exist in Microsoft Office, but not elsewhere in Windows, such as in your email program. You can use the old Alt+Keypad trick to generate those characters, if you can stand how awkward it is. Read more . . .
Using the Beauty Mark
There is this cute little hole on the front of your PC's optical drive. Find out what it's for and how best to use it. Read more...
E-mail Hoax Warning and Guideline
My observations of how they fool you and help on how to spot various tricks the bad guys use to separate you from your cash and important information. Read more . . .
Disabling StickyKeys
The StickyKeys feature helps out folks who have trouble using the keyboard, which is great. But it can also interfere with your word processing, which is not great. Happily, the StickyKeys shortcut feature can be disabled. Read more...
Copying Floppy Disks
Yup, I finally got an e-mail message from someone who wanted these instructions. Back in the days of DOS this was a popular pastime. But since the dawn of Windows, I've not written about copying floppy disks...until now!
PC Monitor Aspect Ratio Information
There is an interesting relationship between a monitor's diagonal size and its aspect ratio. Just because you buy a 23-inch monitor doesn't mean you're getting a lot of monitor for your dollar.
OCR Tutorial
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software lets a computer scanner "read" a document and translate it into text inside the computer. Not having room to put this in any book, I crafted a tutorial for this web site.
Pop-up Blocker Test
Visit this special Wambooli page to test your web browser's pop-up blocking abilities. If you see the pop-up window appear, then your web browser needs to have better pop-up blocking abilities. Try it out...
Funny Pictures
Here are some illustrations from older versions of the book that didn't make the final cut. Read more...

PC Blog Posts

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Power Supply Goes Pop!
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Another Keyboard to Lust For
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The Keyboard Adores USB 2.0
Feb 7, 2017 Is your keyboard screwing up? Check the USB connection. Link
Giving Away an Old PC
Jan 24, 2017 What do you do about all your stuff on the hard drive? Link
Once Upon a Time, PCs had a Sleep Button
Dec 20, 2016 It's a relic of a time long ago, when consoles featured more lights and buttons. Link
Feeding My Scanner Addition, Part II
Dec 6, 2016 I'm on my seventh scanner now. Link
Feeding My Scanner Addiction
Dec 1, 2016 Scanners. I seem to go through a lot of them. Link
Dangerous Connections
Sep 22, 2016 Take those web page warnings seriously! Link

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