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Samsung Galaxy Tab S For Dummies

Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies


Errata for Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies
Click here to read certain updates and corrections to the previous edition of this book.

Android App Updates

To get the latest information on common Android apps, get my eBook Dan Gookin's Android Apps A to Z, available at the Amazon Kindle store.

Click to view and buy at Amazon

This book covers the apps Chrome, Gmail, Hangouts, Maps, Play Books, Play Music, Play Store, YouTube, and more.

Supplemental and Bonus Material

S-Pen Text Input
Who needs the onscreen keyboard when your Galaxy Note has an S-Pen? Click here to glean some S-Pen text input tricks.
Unlock your Galaxy Note by Using a Signature
A new feature on the Galaxy Note 2014 (Android 4.4.2 update) is the Signature lock screen. Read about it here.

Blog Updates

Updates for the Android operating system, including lots of good information on your Galactic tablet, can be found on my blog. Here are some recent posts:

Clear the Cache
Jun 1, 2017 It sounds like voodoo, but it works. Link
The Dawn of Android Oh
May 25, 2017 It will surprise me if it's not called "Android Oreo." Link
What To Do When Your Android Keyboard Sucks
May 4, 2017 The onscreen keyboard can be tortuous to use. Link
Android Shortcuts
Apr 10, 2017 The home screen long-press technique has some new effects. Link
Avoid Data Limits and Spying Apps with GlassWire
Mar 27, 2017 This free app is beautiful, ad-free, and very helpful. Link
Opt Out of Android Advertising
Mar 16, 2017 How to disable tracking and advertising features on your Android device. Link
Another Keyboard to Lust For
Feb 16, 2017 My sleepy eyes popped wide when I first beheld the QWERKYWRITER. Link
Android Nougat Changes in the Settings App
Feb 14, 2017 Some things changed. Other things added. Everything's crazy. Link

For additional Android-related blog posts, click here.